January 25, 2021

Dog Walking


Dog Walking New YorkFor us, life may not always be a walk in the park, but it can be for your dog. Daily, consistent walks provide an important physical and social aspect of your pooch’s day. When you’re not able to, let Tails of New York help your dog strut their stuff for as little as $18 a day. We’ll even e-mail you photos to give you a glimpse of your furry friend’s adventures!

Providing your dog with mid-day exercise and playtime ensures that you’ll have a happy pooch to come home to. Bad habits are often a result of boredom. Social interaction and exercise during the day means that your dog won’t be left to entertain themselves while you’re away.


Group walk:
½ hour = $18 
1 hour = $23
Two ½ hour visits= $34
Two 1 hour visits= $44
Three ½ hour visits= $51
Three 1 hour visits= $66

Private walk:
Potty break, 15 minutes= $11
1/2 hour = $21
1 hour = $26
Two ½ hour visits= $40
Two 1 hour visits= $50
Three ½ hour visits= $60
Three 1 hour visits= $75

Safety in numbers

To ensure the safety of all animals, we walk no more than three to four dogs at a time, and no animals are ever left unattended. We take special care in constructing our packs to ensure that all dogs are happy and safe in their group. In order to achieve comfort and familiarity within packs, group walks are booked based on a regularly scheduled, ongoing basis. Please call ahead to reserve your spot.


Timing is everything

The timing of all walks begins only once all of the dogs in the group have been picked up, not along the way.


We’re as trained as the dogs!

We’re certified dog walkers and are educated in the areas of canine body language, animal behavior and pack composition, and all of our walkers have been certified by The Red Cross™ in pet first aid.


*Please note:

-All prices are for one dog per household. For additional dogs, please add $5.
-There is an additional $5 charge for weekend and holiday care.
-Prices do not include tax.